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You want to start your own fitness company, but you do not have enough money and you have limited access to a loan. Then this plan for you. You can start your own fitness activities with little or no money or credit.

First of all, you need to have their certification . If you do not have a certificate, find out which programs are available in your area, often cheaper, intensive programs run for several long weekends.

Then the key to launching your own personal training business is space ; You have to find the right place. Suppose that you and your brother want to open a company together. You can divide the rent and expenses. You can also refer to zoning as a one-on-one educational institution. This usually means that customers will be given a minimum number of free parking spaces; You will also be entitled to lease office space that is cheaper than commercial space. Aggressively negotiate with the owner. If the space has been empty for some time, the owner may want to help colorify or make other minor improvements.


When you find the right space you can afford the equipment 

When you find the right space you can afford the equipment 



When you find the right space you can afford the equipment , you can buy very well-used equipment that has been restored or never used on the Internet, from floor stores or even from homeowners. Let’s say you start with a treadmill, an elliptical and a bicycle lying bike. Add to these two shops that lean and leave, a separate rack for storing Olympic bullion, weight plates, dumbbells, balls, bandages, and the like. this equipment. You will have a better idea of ​​what your customer base is interested in and what equipment, in your opinion, will help them achieve the goals of the program. There is a huge versatile equipment company, which at reasonable prices and saves space, allowing customers to provide excellent training. In general, do not overload your studio or fitness center with equipment that is very close.

Now comes the true trick … Advertising , Advertising can cause or break new business. You really have to advertise, but it costs a lot of money! That’s why you have to be creative. Find online programs or local businesses that will create their own business cards and brochures. On-line programs often have very good free logo material to create a “great look” for your business. You can later use a professional artistic project, but at first this cost is not needed. Be your own advertising agent by writing articles about your company and sending them to local newspapers. Try to focus on a new or different approach or business (e.g., special introductory price packages). Send the editor a noticeable note of yourself and your company and ask if they will write the article, or maybe they will come to your workplace and take pictures. Place business cards in restaurants or local businesses; often there is a special place for maps or even brochures. Otherwise enter yourself and ask for support; Instead, I suggest taking their maps or information and their support.

It is very important to manage your cash flows and expenses from the very beginning. Get fast books and log in everyday, it does not take much time and you will save on cost accounting. Do not remove equipment after first startup; This is another great expense added to the rent. Also, prepare training packages for clients whose purchase you will have to pay in advance. This will result in the receipt of cash to receive monthly lease payments. Make sure you have a cancellation policy and are not afraid to charge you for a cancellation at the last minute. You are a professional, time is money. Canceled client is a time that can generate money if you could plan another client at this time. Develop a login system or track the cards for other customer sessions. The client often thinks he has more sessions than it really is. You do not want to give extra classes for free.

decorate your space; they make it very encouraging and very different from competitors. You do not need to spend a lot of money to create a calm but energetic space. You can have some items from your own home or look at the sale of tags and local consignment stores. Try a homogeneous color or design approach. Be simple, but make a unique statement. You may want to link your business logo with a decorative motive.

Many personal trainers started this way – on a small scale and they did not go over their heads at the very beginning. Now these people are in business from 10 to 20 years and have some of the best modern facilities. Move, keep money near the vest, be patient and watch the development of your company. You will probably get a lot of outside advice and people who are trying to sell things to you. Do not be tempted to enter new things while the company’s core business will not support your rent. And the advice from others often comes from people who have never risked their own money or who never managed a business, so be faithful to yourself. Due to persistent work and disciplined principles, your company will grow.

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