Payday Loans for Bad Payers



In the past have you paid the installments late or have you had insolvency cases and why did you become a ” bad payer ” for banks or financial institutions? Now would you need a loan to meet your needs? In these cases, it may be a bit more difficult to obtain trust from financial institutions, but it is not impossible. In fact, there are types of financing considered safe for creditors and, therefore, easily accessible even to protesters and bad payers.

There are so-called bad payer loans which are generally provided by specialized companies and intermediaries. These grant credit through the assignment of one fifth of the salary, the loan delegated or through loan formulated loan.



Who are the bad payers?

Who are the bad payers?

For banks and financial institutions the bad payer is the one who is in default of the contractual obligations – or to understand us better – the one who does not pay or pays late. In fact, among the main reasons for which you are considered bad payers we find: the failure to pay one or more installments of a loan, the seizure of one or more assets or the issuance of overdraft checks without paying the amount missing on schedule From law.

Following these circumstances, you are included in the so-called “lists of bad payers”, for a period of 5 years, compiled by the Central Credit Register. These are intended to report to the banks those who have provided late payment of their debts or are insolvent.

As we have previously said, this could imply great difficulties in obtaining a loan for those who are considered bad payers … but there are some types of loans to which the latter may have recourse.

Let’s see some …

The sale of the fifth . Through the assignment of the fifth, in fact, one can obtain loans since the salary of the applicant (if he has a fixed paycheck) is the sufficient guarantee for the bank to grant a loan.

In the event that you do not have a fixed salary you can count on, there may be two solutions: use your assets as a guarantee for the loan , or use the guarantee. This type of financing involves the intervention of a guarantor who will be responsible for the payment of the installments if the debtor is not able to meet his commitments with the bank.

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