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Loan for home moving? Request it now!


Promotional Message: Need a loan to move house? Need more liquidity for the upfront expenses of the new rent? Ask us for a free, no-obligation consultation! Click here and fill out the request form: within the next 24 hours, you will be contacted by one of our consultants to analyze the details of your request together. We will quickly evaluate the outcome of your request.

Loan for home moving? Amounts and timing

Loan for home moving? Amounts and timing

Changing homes often involves the burden of supporting the expenses for moving and / or purchasing new furniture. With the loan transfer solution, Heathcliff offers you the possibility to access a loan with a minimum liquidity level of € 5,000.00 . The relocation loan can be extended from 48 to 120 months , no specific justification or document will need to be provided.

But above all: if the liquidity disbursed (minimum amount € 5,000.00) through the relocation loan was greater than the expense incurred, you will be able to manage the remaining part of money as you see fit, according to your needs.

Loan for home moving? Loans to bad payers, protested or foreclosed


Requesting the loan for moving is simple and without obligation. Your request will not be reported in the credit databases. The relocation loan is also accessible to bad payers, protested or foreclosed as long as they are employees (hired with a permanent contract for srl, spa, public or state institutions) or pensioners.
Retirees can apply for the loan for moving up to the age of 80: in this case the loan must be paid off no later than the age of 85.

Loan for home moving? Here’s how to request it!

Loan for home moving? Here

If you need liquidity to move into your new home, Heathcliff has the right solution for you! Send us the loan request for removal: your data will be processed in compliance with the privacy regulations and your request will not be reported in the credit databases.

Fill out the loan application form for the house move that you find by clicking here and one of our consultants will offer you the free solution that best suits your needs.


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